Here – Not Here – Where? LIVE @ Royal College of Music

HERE---NOT-HERE---WHERE---MONTAGE-DANCER-INA-TITLE An exploration of three remotely connected sites, explored through the medium of dance and found sounds rooted in their locality, which asks the question what is here, what is not here, and if not here, where ?  In this new work I continue my exploration of new narratives for network performance: employing (primarily) open source streaming and projection mapping technologies; stepping away from fixed screen based visualisation; and endeavouring to investigate and reveal site specificity in a telepresence context. The first dual performance of “Here :Not Here :Where?” was at the Royal College of Music on 4th May as part of the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2015 (NPAPW) organised by GÉANT, Royal College of Music, Jisc, and Internet2, MORE PICTURES AND VIDEO HERE SOON!! parry room npapw - IB - view 7 - complete setup with back projector option A 3D model of the performance space at the Royal College of Music – modelled from floor plans, site measurements and photographs – was used to explore installation options in this challenging listed building where there is no truss or opportunity to fix any equipment to any surface! The final performance was moved to the West Parry Room which offered the additional spectacle of the pipe organ. P1020021 P1020041 P1020066

P1020101---Here-Note-Here-Where---looking-outP1020078 HERE - NOT HERE - WHERE - MONTAGE DANCERS TITLE

Thanks for the amazing support of the following: Choreography/Dancer – Margherita Bergamo ( Dancers – Ina and Tiia Veneranta Falmouth Technical Operations –   Dan Thompson and Josh Butcher ( Manchester Technical Operations: Jason Crouch ( Floating Surface Fabrication – Dom Allen (DAW Electronics) Sound Recordings – David Prior ( Venues: Falmouth University ( & Contact Theatre, Manchester (
This project was partly supported with funding from JaNet/Jisc.

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